4 tips to make your website design more effective

A good website design is defined by its ability to attract users, potential of reflecting a good image of the company and relevancy of theme as per the kind of company that it represents.

These 4 tips can help any website along with these things:

  • The website should load fast: The strength and details of the graphics makes a huge difference to the amount of time a web page takes to load. Make sure that the number of tabs used, pictures, videos, animations, etc. incorporated are all used judiciously and sparingly whenever possible.
  • Go easy on the special effects: Special effects are a great way of getting user attention but use too many of them and your website becomes increasingly unappealing.
  • The theme should be relevant to the kind of company you run: A medical blog cannot be colored in bright and loud colors like orange or red just like a catering website should not be dull looking. Relevancy is the key to quality.
  • Content is king: The best compliment that a good design can get is sufficient content. While designing the layout, don’t forget to provide enough space for content.
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