4 Website design trends that are trending in 2015

Website design is a continuously changing field, which gains and loses several trends every year. It is necessary for web designers to stay tuned with these changing trends to keep up with the IT industry. However, following are the trends that are becoming popular in 2015 –

Scrolling is ruling out clicking – In past few years, the importance of scrolling has increased rapidly. Increasing number of mobile users is considered the main reason behind it. Visitors are getting used to scroll to navigate websites. Internet users now prefer to scroll down instead of clicking to get on a new page.

Use of high quality images in background – It’s the new website designing trend to use the big and high quality images in background of web pages. These images are used to effectively convey a message while keeping page simple.

Big typography is leaving a big impression – In 2015, web designers are using big and bold typography to attract the attention of visitors. Now, it is common to use the big fonts for website name, titles etc.

Hidden buttons or menus are stealing the show – Designers are keeping the websites as simple as they can in which they almost hide the main menu or buttons. It is becoming more and more common to see sites where there is a simple icon for menus or buttons are just a text without outlines or shadows.

Storytelling is in – In this new trend, designers develop a website that tells a story whether in images or animation. Companies are using it to tell their story to visitors.

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