Using Rich Animation To Create A Perfect Website

Animations have become an active part of all the successful websites today. Not only do they add the flavour of professional web designing services, but they make it appear as if the website itself is telling you a story by making your stay an entertaining one with many interactive points.

If done in the right style and amount these animations will be a major turnaround for the company, but if they are done carelessly then you are likely to use the attention of your potential customers. Here are certain considerations to keep in mind when implementing animations to your website.

Animations On A Large Scale:
These are the animations which are used for primary interaction and have a direct impact on the user’s experience by using features like parallax scrolling, pop ups, notifications and more.

Animations On A Small Scale:
These include little items in the animations such as attractive spinners, or the interface of loading bars, hovering tools and more which do not require users to input anything.

Some other popular and widely used animation techniques include the following:

It’s Loading:
Sometimes it is very exhausting to observe the long loading process and thus is it a good idea to have something entertaining on the loading screen to keep the users engrossed. This is a fairly good idea for single page websites.

Menus & Navigation:
Having hidden navigation menus is a popular trend these days and helps you save screen space significantly.

Hover Effects:
These effects add a certain amount of intuitive field to the users when they are using the website. When the user points on a feature, its function is revealed automatically.

Some other interesting forms of rich animation that can be included in a website consist of galleries & slideshows to showcase multiple images in an easy way , motion animation for drawing user attention, smooth scrolling animation to provide more control to the users and some background animations to increase site visibility, but careful as it should only be used in moderation.

Soft System Solution is a state of the art service provider for web designing services with a successful track record.

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Revamp your website and get more business

In this tech-savvy age, most businesses develop their website in order to promote products and bring more and more clients. Besides delivering quality of products and services, businesses also need to focus on presentation of a website in order to grab more people’s attention.

If established businesses are not able to make good profits from their existing website then maybe there is something wrong with its layout and presentation. This calls for hiring of new website designers in NYC or elsewhere that can create alluring website for your business. This can make a world of difference to your business.

Changing the design, adding more colour and attraction to a website will work well for a brand. Changing the fonts and appearance of text on the website will bring a lot of difference to the outlook of website. It will make it look more appealing to the eyes for the visitors, which will certainly bring good profits to the business.

Huge background images, Card-based design, Responsive design, flat design, modular or grid-like structures are few latest trends of interactive websites. Implementing these latest design trends will bring good business and help you make the most out of your website. So, make sure to add these features to your website so that your future clients multiply.

If you want to design a new website or revamp the look of an old website, then look for an experienced hand in the business when you are looking for website design and development company. This is because they shall be able to provide you the best website designs.

Besides this, you can also get your old boring website design modified. Without spending a lot of time and money, designers and developers can rectify errors on your website and provide you an enhanced website.

There are numerous web development and designing firms. You need to make the most viable choice according to your needs. This can be done if you do careful planning and get help from people who already got their websites developed or search on web.

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4 Website design trends that are trending in 2015

Website design is a continuously changing field, which gains and loses several trends every year. It is necessary for web designers to stay tuned with these changing trends to keep up with the IT industry. However, following are the trends that are becoming popular in 2015 –

Scrolling is ruling out clicking – In past few years, the importance of scrolling has increased rapidly. Increasing number of mobile users is considered the main reason behind it. Visitors are getting used to scroll to navigate websites. Internet users now prefer to scroll down instead of clicking to get on a new page.

Use of high quality images in background – It’s the new website designing trend to use the big and high quality images in background of web pages. These images are used to effectively convey a message while keeping page simple.

Big typography is leaving a big impression – In 2015, web designers are using big and bold typography to attract the attention of visitors. Now, it is common to use the big fonts for website name, titles etc.

Hidden buttons or menus are stealing the show – Designers are keeping the websites as simple as they can in which they almost hide the main menu or buttons. It is becoming more and more common to see sites where there is a simple icon for menus or buttons are just a text without outlines or shadows.

Storytelling is in – In this new trend, designers develop a website that tells a story whether in images or animation. Companies are using it to tell their story to visitors.

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What is the importance of good navigation in websites?

Navigation is one of the main aspects of any website design. It helps visitors to explore every page, image, information, or part of a site. It makes it easier for visitors to see the entire creativeness and work, a designer has put into project. This is why every website design company in New York or any other city pays special attention to navigation while designing process.

But, what is navigation?

It is a web design method or technique that emphasize on creating easy to explore web pages. It includes every part of site such as images, content, and layout. All this work is done to enhance the user experience. Designers create sites by keeping the product and target audience in mind.

An ideal website navigation is one in which users are able to find necessary information on site without any trouble. Visitors will not have to click more than necessary or look on whole web page for a particular piece of information. You cannot get anywhere without proper road signs. Navigations works like signs on sites, to guide users in right direction.

But why is it important for websites? Why designers stress on having a good navigation for web pages? Following are the answers for all these questions –

  • It makes the visitor’s work (to find information) easy. It reduces user’s efforts like click or scroll to find a particular product or content.
  • Many users quit a site because they are unable to find content easily. They don’t like website where they have to constantly find and click on different links to get desired content. They don’t stay long on these web pages. It increases bounce rate, which is not good for your SERPs rankings. It helps visitors to find information immediately before they quit because content was not found effortlessly.
  • Good navigations keeps visitors engaged, which decreases bounce rate. It leads to high SERP ranking, increased traffic and lead generation.
  • It also keeps your site well organized for visitors. Users can land on any page of your website via SERPs yet they are able to find desired information without much trouble. However, it is also important to design every part properly not just home page.
  • It enhances user experience by providing inclusive content in an easy way. Visitors like websites that are well organized, easy to navigate and work properly on all browsers.

Designers need to prepare a site according to the preferences of targeted audience. Let people know where they can find desired content on your web page and engage users.

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Last year’s web designing trends that have been polished in 2014!

Less cluttered design: Flat designs are preferred because it gives a simple, clean, and modern look to a website.

Platform supportive: Since smartphones are being sold like hot cakes, the need to make responsive site design has become must, if wanting good traffic.
Unique and creative images are supported these days because of multitude of reasons like speed and high quality.

Parallax designs comprise of powerful imagery, strong and creative typography. This has become a huge hit in 2014, especially for big brands.

Besides positing of content, another best way to represent idea of a business is via infographics. Eye catching information with quality images attracts viewers’ attention, which subsequently bring positive results for the user.

Content has always been in the limelight. 2014 also supports site that have rich and unique content.

Arial is not the only font, which is used these days. High quality fonts, yet easy to read are used these days. In other words, all sort of typography is being implemented now in 2014.

Did you know about these? If not, you might want to consider these in your ongoing operations and get even better results.

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Web design styles that are no longer used in 2014!

In the web design world, new trends have emerged and any have got a setback. Here are few styles that are dying out in 2014:

Circular script logos: Using a script font within a circle used to be a cool logo design few years back. However, due to its overuse, this has turned out to be a boring way of making companies logo design.

Extensive fill out forms: User information is necessary to obtain, whether it’s for an e-commerce site or a simple blog. However, trend of asking tons of questions have gone today.

Intro of flash: Flash videos or images always used to be attention grabbing feature on a website. However, with the need of visitors to gain control on surfing, flash images and videos has been eliminated. Simple, yet attractive are the prime choices of web designing professionals.

Too many fronts: Typography is important, but there is restraint on using typefaces on logos and websites. A website with numerous fonts tends to make it look complicated. Thus, no more than two fonts are used in the website.

Complicated design: Introduction of icons, design elements, fonts and features may seem to be attractive, but it tends to make the website look complex. Therefore, looking into the changing design trends, simple with good browsing experience is preferred over the complex one.

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Tips for designing mobile website design

Mobile web is growing significantly. It has made essential for the designers to create a responsive design site to which following are few things that are taken care of:

Good quality browsing

Foremost thing kept in mind by professionals is to build a site with good browsing experience. A visitor accessing pages from their smart phone should be getting same sort of browsing experience as a visitor who is accessing pages from desktop.

Thus, image, content, and grids are to be set on the website according to the screen size of mobile.

Simple and sturdy

Web layout should be simple and must have HTML coding as much as possible, so that a simple core layout can be prepared.

Assortment of breakpoints

Attention is needed to be paid on assortment of breakpoints that focus on desktop resolution. This is based on various types of smartphones:

  • Smaller smartphone screen sizes requires <480px
  • Larger smartphones and smaller tablets require <768px
  • For large tablet screens and desktops screens >768px is required

Flexible images

Bearing in the mind the size of mobile, image size should also be flexible enough to get displayed on any smartphone with good loading time.

Compression of site elements and content

Use of GZIP to compress page resources in order to carry out easier transmission across networks is necessary. Subsequently, browsing gets speed up.

Removal of non-essential content

In order to make mobile friendly design site, it is important to remove non-essential content, which is of no use on mobile by adding a .not_mobile class to specific elements.

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Difference between ASP and JSP

Active server pages and java server pages are two popular sever side scripting programming languages used in web development. ASP is created by Microsoft and JSP, on the other hand, is released by Sun Microsystems. Both these scripting languages have their own features, pros, and cons. A reputed website development company in NYC makes use of both these languages as per requirements of their clientele.

Now, let’s take a look between some of the major differences between ASP and JSP:

1. Programming language

If you know how to program in visual basic, then you can easily develop web pages in ASP. The new version of asp known as, gives you opportunity to create web pages in different languages like and C#.

On the other hand, java server pages use java as a programming language.

2. Database

With the help of ADO, you can easily establish connection with any database in ASP. On the other hand, you can easily connect JSP to any database through drivers and libraries.

3. Server

ASP runs on IIS server. However, other servers also support ASP but mostly it works on IIS server on windows platform. On the other hand, the websites created in Java Server Pages are supported by Apache and runs on Linux based web server.

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What does Joomla offer for your website?

Joomla has cemented its place as a reliable content management framework today. Almost 50 million copies of the software have been downloaded till date, which speaks for itself.

The reasons behind Joomla’s rising popularity are:

  • The latest version comes with ‘bcrypt’, a tool for passwords storage in the web database created using the software.
  • The Rapid Application Development tool can be used for developing new extensions.
  • Using Version Control, you have the option of going back and comparing items side by side.
  • The UI/UX editions add a lot to the security factor of Joomla.
  • Content versioning assists users to store or regain the same Joomla article in different versions.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, there is actually a host of other advantages that the framework offers. One of the most important and significant ones remains the fact that it is simple to use and operate.

If the developers you hire for your digital needs are well versed with joomla, they should be able to make updates and create projects easily, fast, and safely.

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Make you website a masterpiece with right development services!

Having an effective online web presence is becoming more and more popular in today’s competitive business environment. Another reason behind the increasing popularity of websites is the increasing use of internet. Moreover, internet has given us a chance to know the world better through websites.

If you are also in the queue of those who are planning to promote their businesses through online medium, getting a website professionally developed is an intelligent decision. It would not be wrong to say that a site is a window that presents the clear view of products and services a business deals with. Hence, when it comes to get a website developed, seek professional website Development Company over amateurs.

The reason is that professional developers are far more in experience in expertise as they have worked on numerous projects like yours. However, every project is different than others in content of type of business and services it provides. Here, professional assistance differs in the way that developers start the website development work by understanding the unique requirements of the clients.

Another reason of going with professional developers is that they are totally aware of the latest techniques and technologies in the field that collaboratively help to make your business site a masterpiece!

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