Think twice before creating a flash website!

There is more than one reason why any website design and Development company in NYC and everywhere else would like to avoid using flash for creating a website. Take a quick look at some major points that authenticate this statement.

Bad for SEO: A flash website’s information is not visible to search engines. Although Google claims to be working on improving the quality of crawling response for such websites, majority of them are not up to mark as per SEO prospective.

Often result in bad user experience: although a website rich in flash content may look quite appealing to the eyes, it often makes the users go through troublesome experience. It can be quite distracting to the users. It may make the website look unique but often for wrong reasons.

Old school technology: Flash usage was popular back in 2002, and even then it resulted in many websites breaking down and often freezing. It is no longer popular. Its usage will give an impression that the company is lagging behind in technological advancements and innovations.

Compatibility issues with certain platforms: Flash websites are often not compatible with mobiles phones and tablets, the platforms where most of the customers are available. So it’s not a rocket science for anyone to realize how its usage will hamper productivity and sales.

Waste of money: Flash websites are extremely expensive to create and equally expensive to maintain. They need to be constantly updated. Every time you do this, get ready to blow big money.

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Magneto – A comprehensive tool for creating high quality ecommerce websites!

E-commerce websites gained a lot of popularity these days because a major portion of the world’s population prefers to shop online. Customers always want to make their purchase from a store that offers them an exciting range of features and services. Functionality and features are two such things that decide fate of e-commerce websites.

Magneto is e-commerce website designing tool that allows developers to create customized websites. It is a special type of software used for web designing.

The designing software
It is nothing but the software used for creating e-commerce websites. Using latest version of this software helps in designing customized websites according to needs of a company.

Every organization has its own authorized website on the web that they used for selling their products and services.  E-commerce websites are special websites that allow online visitors to purchase products and make online payments.  Currency exchange options are also available for international buyers. Online buying and selling saves a lot of time and money of both the parties.

Customized software
There are various objects that e-commerce websites should have. Features such as virtual carts, discount coupons and price tags are the basic requirements of an e-commerce website. Only customized software such as magneto can provide such features.

Look for a reputed website development company in NYC to get the best website for your business.

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Most resourceful tools used for web development

Development a quality website requires planning and preparation. The most important part of the preparation is to install or get tools used in developing a website.
You can have a look at the major tools that a company used for providing website development service.

HTML editors

The HTML editors are used for creating and editing HTML documents. However, there are designers who prefer to write the entire code on their own but using an editor will simplify your process.  Macromedia Dreamweaver is the most popular editor that majority of the designers use.

Text editors

It is a software program that allows you to write and edit text that does not require special formatting. Notepad is a common text editor which is best suited for smaller projects.

Graphics editor

It is a software program that makes it easy for designers to create and edit graphics.
Further, there are many more tools used in the development process. So look for a company that makes of sophisticated tools and techniques for creating a website.

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A few tips for making your social media marketing campaign successful!

If you are planning to implement a new marketing technique for your business then you must go for social media marketing. All big and small companies make use of this robust tool to advertise their products and services effectively among the right audience.
Here are a few tips that will help you in making your marketing campaign successful:

Select the best social media platform
First of all, you need to determine which social media platform is the best for your company as well as the campaign. Choose the platform where the targeted audience is available.

Target the right audience
You must know the audience who will buy your business products and offering. You must take certain factors such as age and gender into consideration to find the right audience for your organization.

Now is the time for implementation
On selecting the right audience and platform, it is the time to make best use of social media.  You must take care of presentation and content on your social media page. Add valuable information and attractive image to capture attention of the online users.

Evaluate your performance
After a certain period of time, measure performance of your marketing campaign to know and improve those areas that are lacking behind.

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2 things that must be taken care of, when designing a website

It is only the website design that has the potential to derive and retain visitors to your online business and to convert it in profits for your business.

Here are some important points that professional website design firms in NYC take care of:

Avoid incorporating dodgy elements
It is a good advice for web designers, avoid adding elements like blinking or scrolling text, auto-loading sounds, and animations in the web pages because they may break the user’s concentration when he/she is reading the page content. In addition, if the visitor has slow internet connection he may find it useless to waste time on paying attention to animations and sound files.

Don’t overuse images
Don’t upload images unless it is necessary. Over usage of images result in slow down the webpage loading speed. In addition, don’t put text over the images because it only gives an impression of low quality.

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Why do you need to decrease the loading time of your website?

The loading time of your website, especially the home page directly affects its popularity, and the percentage of visitors, that actually stay, once they arrive on it. If it takes too long, the visitor might not be interested to remain there, even if he was genuinely interested earlier.

These are 5 tips that will reduce the loading time of your website:

Server – Choose a suitable host, that complies with your needs, and can bear the load of your website.

Graphics – You can use images, flash images, animations, etc. but do it judiciously, as they can increase the loading of the page by more than you would think.

Scale the images – By scaling the images; you can avoid the server lag caused when it has to re-size them.

Browser Caching – If you implement browser caching properly, the regular visitors of your website, will find that the leading time of your website on their device has reduced by a significant amount.

Create responsive websites – A responsive website is one that automatically adjusts with the user’s device, regardless of what kind it is (laptop, tab, etc.) or which browser, he is using.

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How a professionally designed website impacts a business?

A professionally designed website greatly contributes to boost your business image. An effective website helps your business to grow, make it able to reach customers and other businesses that may be unaware about all that your company has to offer.

Professional web designing services are aimed to give your business a website that helps it to stand out of others. Three basic features of a professionally designed website are:

Multiple-browser usability

This is the main feature of a website that makes it friendly for different types of browsers. More elaborately, a website with this characteristic can run over multiple browsers irrespective of their versions. Most popular web browsers used these days are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.

Faster loading

It is the main objective of web developers that the website and web pages take very less time to load.

Valid HTML code

It is the quality feature of a website that helps to provide visitors with properly functioning web pages. On the other hand, invalid HTML code contributes to keep visitors away from your website because it results in loading errors that frustrate visitors.

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What kind of a website is wordpress best suited for?

WordPress is among a handful of available Content Management System (CMS). If you want to know whether wordpress will suit your website, or not, you should learn what advantages wordpress can offer for your website.

Here are 5 of its most significant advantages:

  • First of all, it makes it very easy to manage media, that is pictures, videos and written content.
  • It is based on, and compatible with PHP, meaning it is friendly with most web development tools, and languages.
  • If SEO is important to you, a website developed on WordPress, is very SEO friendly.
  • There are many internal (per equipped) features like blogs, design templates, and other features that increase user interaction, and the user’s experience.
  • One of the key advantages, for this CMS, is that if you have the backing of talented and learned developers, updating the website, or making any small or big changes, becomes very a very easy task.
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What makes for an appealing website design?

A fully-functional and effective website design requires more than just a mere collection of relevant information. Mentioned below are some concrete suggestions for having an effective website design:

  • Before you start with the design, consider your objective and targeted audiences. This is because, they should have clear idea of who’s going to use your website.
  • It is a good practice to prepare your plan on paper in a hierarchical manner. This will greatly help you in organizing the architecture and layout of the website before actually implementing the plan.

Website layout

  • If you want your project to grab the attention of visitors, all pages should be designed using a uniform approach. It means that each web page should strive for consistency in various aspects such as navigational tools, backgrounds, color schemes, font styles, and other web designing elements.
  • It is important to embed fully-functional links to your website. There are several ways for the visitors to navigate through your site. You should include a home icon on each web page so that user can easily return back to the home page from any other page. You should add a table of contents in the hyperlinked text form so as to make it easy for the users to access the information while navigating on the other page of the site.
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Why does every Web Development Company in New York need to master .NET?

A web development company in a place like New York is defined by its ability to deliver websites that are error free and provide their owner with all the support they need.

.NET is a software framework that provides superior language interoperability.

This gives many advantages including:

  • The amount of coding required is significantly less.
  • Microsoft’s authentication and per-application configuration provides the highest level of security to applications.
  • The performance increases significantly due to features like native optimization, just-in-time compilation, early binding and more.
  • The support or the best available tool-box allows the developer to customize your website and applications just the way you want it.
  • It is compatible with all major languages and meaning.
  • The coding can be done easily and affectively.
  • The source code works perfectly in sync with HTML, making the task of writing on the page very easy.
  • .NET websites are more flexible and it’s easy to update or change the content.
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