Difference between ASP and JSP

Active server pages and java server pages are two popular sever side scripting programming languages used in web development. ASP is created by Microsoft and JSP, on the other hand, is released by Sun Microsystems. Both these scripting languages have their own features, pros, and cons. A reputed website development company in NYC makes use of both these languages as per requirements of their clientele.

Now, let’s take a look between some of the major differences between ASP and JSP:

1. Programming language

If you know how to program in visual basic, then you can easily develop web pages in ASP. The new version of asp known as asp.net, gives you opportunity to create web pages in different languages like VB.net and C#.

On the other hand, java server pages use java as a programming language.

2. Database

With the help of ADO, you can easily establish connection with any database in ASP. On the other hand, you can easily connect JSP to any database through drivers and libraries.

3. Server

ASP runs on IIS server. However, other servers also support ASP but mostly it works on IIS server on windows platform. On the other hand, the websites created in Java Server Pages are supported by Apache and runs on Linux based web server.

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