Last year’s web designing trends that have been polished in 2014!

Less cluttered design: Flat designs are preferred because it gives a simple, clean, and modern look to a website.

Platform supportive: Since smartphones are being sold like hot cakes, the need to make responsive site design has become must, if wanting good traffic.
Unique and creative images are supported these days because of multitude of reasons like speed and high quality.

Parallax designs comprise of powerful imagery, strong and creative typography. This has become a huge hit in 2014, especially for big brands.

Besides positing of content, another best way to represent idea of a business is via infographics. Eye catching information with quality images attracts viewers’ attention, which subsequently bring positive results for the user.

Content has always been in the limelight. 2014 also supports site that have rich and unique content.

Arial is not the only font, which is used these days. High quality fonts, yet easy to read are used these days. In other words, all sort of typography is being implemented now in 2014.

Did you know about these? If not, you might want to consider these in your ongoing operations and get even better results.

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