Think twice before creating a flash website!

There is more than one reason why any website design and Development company in NYC and everywhere else would like to avoid using flash for creating a website. Take a quick look at some major points that authenticate this statement.

Bad for SEO: A flash website’s information is not visible to search engines. Although Google claims to be working on improving the quality of crawling response for such websites, majority of them are not up to mark as per SEO prospective.

Often result in bad user experience: although a website rich in flash content may look quite appealing to the eyes, it often makes the users go through troublesome experience. It can be quite distracting to the users. It may make the website look unique but often for wrong reasons.

Old school technology: Flash usage was popular back in 2002, and even then it resulted in many websites breaking down and often freezing. It is no longer popular. Its usage will give an impression that the company is lagging behind in technological advancements and innovations.

Compatibility issues with certain platforms: Flash websites are often not compatible with mobiles phones and tablets, the platforms where most of the customers are available. So it’s not a rocket science for anyone to realize how its usage will hamper productivity and sales.

Waste of money: Flash websites are extremely expensive to create and equally expensive to maintain. They need to be constantly updated. Every time you do this, get ready to blow big money.

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