Tips for designing mobile website design

Mobile web is growing significantly. It has made essential for the designers to create a responsive design site to which following are few things that are taken care of:

Good quality browsing

Foremost thing kept in mind by professionals is to build a site with good browsing experience. A visitor accessing pages from their smart phone should be getting same sort of browsing experience as a visitor who is accessing pages from desktop.

Thus, image, content, and grids are to be set on the website according to the screen size of mobile.

Simple and sturdy

Web layout should be simple and must have HTML coding as much as possible, so that a simple core layout can be prepared.

Assortment of breakpoints

Attention is needed to be paid on assortment of breakpoints that focus on desktop resolution. This is based on various types of smartphones:

  • Smaller smartphone screen sizes requires <480px
  • Larger smartphones and smaller tablets require <768px
  • For large tablet screens and desktops screens >768px is required

Flexible images

Bearing in the mind the size of mobile, image size should also be flexible enough to get displayed on any smartphone with good loading time.

Compression of site elements and content

Use of GZIP to compress page resources in order to carry out easier transmission across networks is necessary. Subsequently, browsing gets speed up.

Removal of non-essential content

In order to make mobile friendly design site, it is important to remove non-essential content, which is of no use on mobile by adding a .not_mobile class to specific elements.

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