Using Rich Animation To Create A Perfect Website

Animations have become an active part of all the successful websites today. Not only do they add the flavour of professional web designing services, but they make it appear as if the website itself is telling you a story by making your stay an entertaining one with many interactive points.

If done in the right style and amount these animations will be a major turnaround for the company, but if they are done carelessly then you are likely to use the attention of your potential customers. Here are certain considerations to keep in mind when implementing animations to your website.

Animations On A Large Scale:
These are the animations which are used for primary interaction and have a direct impact on the user’s experience by using features like parallax scrolling, pop ups, notifications and more.

Animations On A Small Scale:
These include little items in the animations such as attractive spinners, or the interface of loading bars, hovering tools and more which do not require users to input anything.

Some other popular and widely used animation techniques include the following:

It’s Loading:
Sometimes it is very exhausting to observe the long loading process and thus is it a good idea to have something entertaining on the loading screen to keep the users engrossed. This is a fairly good idea for single page websites.

Menus & Navigation:
Having hidden navigation menus is a popular trend these days and helps you save screen space significantly.

Hover Effects:
These effects add a certain amount of intuitive field to the users when they are using the website. When the user points on a feature, its function is revealed automatically.

Some other interesting forms of rich animation that can be included in a website consist of galleries & slideshows to showcase multiple images in an easy way , motion animation for drawing user attention, smooth scrolling animation to provide more control to the users and some background animations to increase site visibility, but careful as it should only be used in moderation.

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