Web design styles that are no longer used in 2014!

In the web design world, new trends have emerged and any have got a setback. Here are few styles that are dying out in 2014:

Circular script logos: Using a script font within a circle used to be a cool logo design few years back. However, due to its overuse, this has turned out to be a boring way of making companies logo design.

Extensive fill out forms: User information is necessary to obtain, whether it’s for an e-commerce site or a simple blog. However, trend of asking tons of questions have gone today.

Intro of flash: Flash videos or images always used to be attention grabbing feature on a website. However, with the need of visitors to gain control on surfing, flash images and videos has been eliminated. Simple, yet attractive are the prime choices of web designing professionals.

Too many fronts: Typography is important, but there is restraint on using typefaces on logos and websites. A website with numerous fonts tends to make it look complicated. Thus, no more than two fonts are used in the website.

Complicated design: Introduction of icons, design elements, fonts and features may seem to be attractive, but it tends to make the website look complex. Therefore, looking into the changing design trends, simple with good browsing experience is preferred over the complex one.

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