What does Joomla offer for your website?

Joomla has cemented its place as a reliable content management framework today. Almost 50 million copies of the software have been downloaded till date, which speaks for itself.

The reasons behind Joomla’s rising popularity are:

  • The latest version comes with ‘bcrypt’, a tool for passwords storage in the web database created using the software.
  • The Rapid Application Development tool can be used for developing new extensions.
  • Using Version Control, you have the option of going back and comparing items side by side.
  • The UI/UX editions add a lot to the security factor of Joomla.
  • Content versioning assists users to store or regain the same Joomla article in different versions.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, there is actually a host of other advantages that the framework offers. One of the most important and significant ones remains the fact that it is simple to use and operate.

If the developers you hire for your digital needs are well versed with joomla, they should be able to make updates and create projects easily, fast, and safely.

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