What makes for an appealing website design?

A fully-functional and effective website design requires more than just a mere collection of relevant information. Mentioned below are some concrete suggestions for having an effective website design:

  • Before you start with the design, consider your objective and targeted audiences. This is because, they should have clear idea of who’s going to use your website.
  • It is a good practice to prepare your plan on paper in a hierarchical manner. This will greatly help you in organizing the architecture and layout of the website before actually implementing the plan.

Website layout

  • If you want your project to grab the attention of visitors, all pages should be designed using a uniform approach. It means that each web page should strive for consistency in various aspects such as navigational tools, backgrounds, color schemes, font styles, and other web designing elements.
  • It is important to embed fully-functional links to your website. There are several ways for the visitors to navigate through your site. You should include a home icon on each web page so that user can easily return back to the home page from any other page. You should add a table of contents in the hyperlinked text form so as to make it easy for the users to access the information while navigating on the other page of the site.
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