Why do you need to decrease the loading time of your website?

The loading time of your website, especially the home page directly affects its popularity, and the percentage of visitors, that actually stay, once they arrive on it. If it takes too long, the visitor might not be interested to remain there, even if he was genuinely interested earlier.

These are 5 tips that will reduce the loading time of your website:

Server – Choose a suitable host, that complies with your needs, and can bear the load of your website.

Graphics – You can use images, flash images, animations, etc. but do it judiciously, as they can increase the loading of the page by more than you would think.

Scale the images – By scaling the images; you can avoid the server lag caused when it has to re-size them.

Browser Caching – If you implement browser caching properly, the regular visitors of your website, will find that the leading time of your website on their device has reduced by a significant amount.

Create responsive websites – A responsive website is one that automatically adjusts with the user’s device, regardless of what kind it is (laptop, tab, etc.) or which browser, he is using.

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